Focal posterior central disc protrusion

How can the answer be improved? Disc Protrusion is more commonly known as a slipped disc, but in medical terms you may be suffering from a disc bulge or ruptured disc. Find out more now. C6C7 Broad based disc osteophyte complex with a superimposed focal central disc protrusion causing canal stenosis measuring 8.

5mm. There is complete obliteration of the anterior posterior thecal sac space. Aug 21, 2009  L5 S1 Disc ProtrusionCauses and Treatment of Back Pain Caused by a SlippedHerniated Disc. Updated on September 18, 2017. DiscDiseaseGuru. Mild posterior bulge of L5S1 disc mildly indenting exiting nerve roots. I am suffering from L5S1 Central disc protrusion. Shown to many doctors and physio& still there is no Nov 28, 2016 In central disc protrusion, the disc herniates or expands posteriorly or backwards into the middle of the spinal canal where the spinal nerve roots and spinal cord is present.

Know the causes, symptoms and treatment of central disc protrusion. A posterior central disc protrusion occurs when the inner gellike material of a spinal disc pushes against the outer disc wall. This may cause the disc to bulge outward from its normal position in the spinal column. A focal disc protrusion is in a way the opposite of a broad based disc protrusion when it comes to both its classification and to some degree its severity.

L5 S1 disc protrusion. Hi all some help advice would be appreciated! Only 27 with a young child and played football until 4 months ago. MRI show disc protrusion of L5S1 pressing on S1 nerve root. All my pain is in my buttocks and hamstring and feels like muscle is ripping!. No pain below knee. Is this common?