Printer ignores tray settings

Application Settings Take Precedence over Printer Driver Settings for Tray Selection and Other Paper Setup Settings Document ID: FA578 Usergroup: External If the printer can automatically select the correct paper tray to use, click Default tray in the First page list, and then click Default tray in the Other pages list.

Default tray is the default setting in both of these lists. Apr 26, 2018  The print job specified tray 1, even though all the settings in the printer were to ignore tray one. Once I found that, changed the tray setting for the print job, it Mar 17, 2016  So you choose the printer for tray 1 and in its properties you'll find the 4th tray for instance. 1 B& W). Printing from a Windows 7 machine running Excel 2010 it completely ignores the printer settings.

You print B& W it comes out colour. The workaround of venturing in to Page LayoutPage Setup isn't really workable. Proposed Jun 01, 2018 Outlook appears to ignore all the settings and just uses the default printer with whatever settings it sees fit.

Actually it defaults to" Automatic Tray" selection every time the user prints an email, unless he sets the tray to the preferred tray (# 2 in this case). Making Changes to Printer Settings Making the print quality settings Modifying the print layout reload the paper into the MP tray with the printed surface facedown as shown below. the printer continues to print ignoring Nov 21, 2016 Office 2016 ignores my default printing options printing an email with Office 2016 ignores the printer default tray selection (Tray 2) and uses the automatic tray selection, therefore using whatever is in the Tray 1(the manual paper feed).

We suggest you to update your Office, run the online troubleshooter and then set up of Some printer settings are saved inside Microsoft Word documents. The selected paper tray is one of them (could be the only one, as I don't remember seeing anything else, but maybe doublesided prin HP Printers Print Driver Settings Guide (Windows) Paper size, type, and tray settings help ensure the printer properly handles and scales the print job to the paper.

Paper tray or source: Select the tray you loaded the paper into, if your printer has more than one tray. If available, When a default print tray is defined on a printer, Print Station will ignore this and will select the first available tray. When i print the same label through Bartender on the same printer with the same tray settings, the correct tray is used.

I have a windows service that prints pdf files once it receives a request. It uses PrintDocument, but for some printers it seems to ignore printer and tray settings I give it in my code. Currently How do I install the optional lower paper tray and configure the tray settings in Printer ignores tray settings printer driver? Apr 17, 2018  The printer settings are ignored when you print a Word document.

Content provided by Microsoft. Symptoms. When you print a Microsoft Word document, the printer settings are ignored. These printer settings include the paper size, the page orientation, and the page margins.

Default tray is the default setting The printer ALWAYS asks for paper in tray 1 before printing, or manual override on the control panel. Tried setting" manual feed" offon no change. This started when I upgraded to OS X 10. 7 software. Put the page in the printer so the arrow points in the direction of the paper path and is on the top side of the page in the traybin, etc.

Print the page using some output windows Print Test Page works great for this. Tray Paper Settings. This section describes the user tools in the Tray Paper Settings menu under System Settings. Paper Tray Priority: Printer (printer) Specify the tray to supply paper for output.

The default setting is [Tray 1. Printer Bypass Paper Size.