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Dec 29, 2008 Picture of you North (Melbourne Australia) Alf, Thanh, Joel& Beau. Scott is not in this song I think. High Quality mode sounds better Some Korean band bought this song but I think North still A Picture of You Lyrics: I've looked, through a camera lens before But I'm hooked, like I don't get anymore lips Oh yours, they could star a war So I stood, there was shadows dancing on the Music Videos.

Picture Of You North (HQ) (Lyrics) North (HQ) (Lyrics) 440, 126 views. NorthPicture of You. 191, 798 views. NORTH. A Picture Of You. 25, 709 views. Top Songs By North. 1. Picture Of You. Coz I've got a picture of you in my heart And a vision of you in my arms And I just can't deny what's going On in m soul and I