Posterior tibialis tendon allograft

Allograft Tendons. Product Overview. CONMED offers a wide range of allograft choices including Anterior Tibialis Tendon, Posterior Tibialis Tendon, Peroneus Longus Tendon, Semitendinosus Tendon, and Gracilis Tendon.

Recent clinical data suggests equivalence between Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation physical therapy section william beaumont army medical center 5005 n. piedras st el paso, texas acl reconstruction revision allograft or posterior tibialis allograft patellartendon allograft is the only option for proximal and distal osseous integration. Achilles tendon and quadriceps Soft tissue allografts include the hamstring, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, and peroneus longus tendons, as well as the tensor fascia lata.

Allograft All graft types offer distinct Source: Posterior Tibialis Tendon Preservation Method: Frozen Containers must be stored at 40C or colder Common Surgical Applications: Reconstruction of knee, ankle wrist or shoulder ligament Back to Soft Tissue Allografts From this database, all softtissue ACL reconstructions (tibialis anterior or posterior allograft or hamstring autograft) were further evaluated.

Patellar tendon cases were excluded because we performed them using a slightly different surgical technique with different implants, which could confound the results of the study. SteriGraft Tibialis Tendon Anterior, Soft Tissue Allografts. Source: Anterior Tibialis Tendon Preservation Method: Frozen Containers must be stored at 40C or colder How can the answer be improved? Allograft Catalog.

About Us. History of Tissue Transplantation; Contract Processing; Tibialis Tendon. All Allografts. Sports. Tibialis Tendon. Produced From: Anterior and Posterior Tibialis Tendons. Preservation Storage Method: Frozen. Most Commonly Used For: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tibialis Tendon Allograft Width is Independent of Donor Age, Height, Weight and Gender Isaac Mabe, M.

S. and Shawn A. Hunter, Ph. D. Abstract This study was conducted to determine if correlations existed between anteriorposterior tibialis tendon Matrix HD Allograft, The Anterior and Posterior Tibialis tendons are sterilized through the BioCleanse Can be used in singlebundle or doublebundle tendon surgical techniques; BioCleanse A BioImplants Brief March 2010 Peroneus Longus and such as the posterior tibialis tendon and peroneus longus. For perspective, at one tissue bank, LifeNet Health, these grafts have been available for a number or tibialis posterior tendon allograft ACL Feb 14, 2012 What code for posterior tibial tendon repair?

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Patients suffering from a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with instability of the knee joint are treated with an operative ACLreconstruction: one group of patients with a reconstruction with an autograft tendon (hamstrings), the other group with a reconstruction with an allograft Posterior tibialis tendon allograft (tibialis posterior).

The posterior tibial tendon lies in the deep posterior compartment of the leg and is the most medial tendinous structure that crosses the ankle joint in relation to the medial malleolus.

The medial malleolus itself acts as a pulley through which the tendon exerts its force as it acutely changes direction in comparison to the other long flexors Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Allograft.

The patellar ligament, tibialis anterior tendon, or Achilles tendon may be recovered from a cadaver and used in ACL reconstruction. The Achilles tendon, because of its large size, must be shaved to fit within the joint cavity. Feb 25, 2015  ACL Auto Allograft ACL Reconstruction Hamstring Auto Allograft or Posterior Tibialis Allograft ACL Reconstruction Revision