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Apr 04, 2016 How to Delete an eMail Account from Mac OS X Apr 4, 2016 16 Comments Mac users who rely on the Mail app in Mac OS X for handling email may eventually need to delete a specific email address from the application and their Mac. Mar 11, 2016  The profile picture for your macOS user account is adjustable separately of, and has nothing to do with your iCloud profile image.

Images for Mac user accounts identify macOS users on the login and boot screen, in the Fast User Switching menu and the System Preferences User& Groups preference pane. In Mac OS X, how do I create and delete users? To allow users to log into your Mac OS X computer, create an account for each of them. Creating a new user in Mac OS X. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

; From the View menu, select Users& Groups (Mac OS X 10. 7 or later) or Accounts (Mac OS X 10. 6 or earlier). ; If it's Apr 09, 2016 I have a Mac, but use Outlook for email, actually an msm. com address. My profile photo has shown up. I want to get rid of it it. How do I do that? Remove Your Account Picture Via Terminal. Whenever an account picture is set for a user, the image is stored as a setting within OS Xs system directory services.

If you change the image, this setting will only be updated, but you can also remove this setting via Terminal and force the system to use a generic user account icon. Add or Remove User Account on Mac. by neMo. on Sep 16, 2009. So, here is the method available to create or delete a user account from Mac. Create a New Account Step 1. Click Apple logo and System Preferences. Step 2. In System section, click Accounts. Step 3. Jun 08, 2016  Check the appropriate box and click on Delete User to completely delete the user account from Mac OS X If you chose the option to completely remove the user account and the users Home folder, any and all files and apps in that users home directory will be deleted.

Jan 16, 2013 To identify user account, there are of course the long and short usernames for it, but in addition OS X includes an account picture that while not functional is aesthetically useful at the login window, in Mail and chat messages, among other aspects of the system.